Negros Occidental Festivals & Events

Masskara Festival, Bacolod City; every October; a masquerade ball and beaming images of smiling masks street dancing and stomping to the frenzied beat of Latin sambas; depicts the Negrenses happy disposition despite adversities in life.

Wikipedia: Bacolod City, Philippines

Pasalamat Festival, La Carlota City; every 4th Sunday of April; based on the tradition of giving thanks to the Gods of the elements after a bountiful harvest by the ancients in "Buglas". Characterized by the beating of drums, maracas, congas, bongos and other percussion instruments. 

Wikipedia: La Carlota City, Philippines

Kali-Kalihan Festival, Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental; every December; celebration of age-old practice showcasing ancient skills in martial arts and beliefs in the forces of nature; walking on live charcoal is one of the highlights.  

Wikipedia: Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Pinta Flores Festival, San Carlos City; every November; coined from the words "pinta" and "flores", depicts the tradition of welcoming visitors through dancing as in the "pintados" during the coming of the Spaniards in the Visayas. Flowers instead of tattoos are painted on the bodies and costumes of the dancers.  

Wikipedia: San Carlos City, Philippines

Dinagsa Festival, Cadiz City; every January; festival in honor of the Sto. Nina, patron of Cadiz City believed to have created miracles protecting the city from the invading pirates long time ago.

Wikipedia: Cadiz City, Philippines

Sinulog Sa Ilog, Kabankalan, Negros Occidental; every 3rd Weekend of January; celebrates the war dance rituals of Datu Manya-bog who ruled the valleys in Kabankalan. The entire war dance commemorates the defiance of Manyabog and his heroic stand to fight and defend his tribe. 

Wikipedia: Kabankalan City, Philippines

Panaad Festival - "Mother of all Festivals", the biggest festival of them all in Negros Occidental, the Panaad Festival, started in 1993 as a thanksgiving celebration and a fulfillment of a promise and vow to the Divine Providence in exchange of good life. It features 32 festivals that brings together 13 cities and 19 towns of Negros Occidental. In theme booths that showcase their history, culture, trade, agriculture, tourism and other industries. The annual Panaad sa Negros Festival is held at the Panaad Park and Stadium, Barangay Mansilingan, Bacolod City, Philippines.

Wikipedia: Negros Occidental, Philippines

Bulang-Bulang Festival, San Enrique, Negros Occidental is celebrated every February 2-9. The festival gives recognition to the game fowl industry which is one of the major sources of livelihood of the town. Bulang-bulang is a character dance presentation which depicts the life and character of the fighting cock. Annual Town Fiesta is celebrated every February 9 in honor of the patron saint of the town Nuestra Señora de Candelaria. Derby or Cockfighting is a regular event to highlight every fiesta.

Wikipedia: San Enrique, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Kadalagan Festival, Victorias City; March 21.
The festival is in commemoration of the city’s Charter Anniversary which falls every 21st of March and goes with week-long festivities. 

Wikipedia: Victorias City, Philippines

Sinigayan Festival - Sagay City, Negros Occidental. An annual celebration & thanksgiving in honor of their patron, St. Joseph, showcasing the best of Sagay - - the arts, culture, products, and its people. Sinigayan concocted from the spherical shell “sigay” which abounds many islets and shores of the city. 

Wikipedia: Sagay City, Philippines


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