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Silly Rose Anne, death is for kids >:)

im a kulasa..
loves playing football..
loves to hang out with friends..
loves texting ..haha
(read my quote..)



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 High School


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(for now)..
i am what i am..
and who i want to be..

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ambot cmu da! pangita to storyahon!, "Hot & Haute", The Annoying Orange, PUTA. INIT., Damon Salvatore, MANG-AAWAY KA NA NGA LANG, WRONG GRAMMAR AT MALI PA SPELLING :)), St. Scholastica's Academy Bacolod, MGA PALAHUBOG SA BACOLOD, Being single is good but being with someone is so much better!, There is no place like HOME. :D, TEEkalon, i love when my teacher arrives late in our room., St. Scholastica's Bacolod Alumnae Foundation, Inc., Johnny Knoxville, Audrina Patridge, Hugh Jackman, Nestea, Matthew Perry, Iker Casillas, adidas, Emma Watson, Ice cream, Chandler Bing, Chocolate chip cookies, Sleeping, Camilla Belle, Pizza, Megan Fox, Pirates of the Caribbean, Manchester United, The Mood Weather Report, jabartender!!!, ♥ LCC Beauties ♥, Converse All Star, Jumping Dog, Definitely Filipino, Chocolate, JamLegend, Gummy Bears, Achmed, the dead terrorist, Bartholomew "Bart" Jojo Simpson, The Simpsons, Cookies, Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer, McDonald's, Dr. House, Michael Phelps, Myself, Discovery Channel, MTV Music Videos, Video Games, Emma Rose Roberts, Madre Teresa de Calcuta / Mother Theresa of Calcuta, The Rosary, Cosmo, Serena Van Der woodsen, The Original Bugs Bunny, James Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill), My Father, Brian (Family Guy), Amanda Bynes, Mr. Bean, Fernando Torres, Alex Pettyfer, Mike Montalvo "Nature Through My Eyes" - Photography, The Script, Adam Sandler, Shia LaBeouf, Jeff Dunham , YAN BA YUNG PINALIT SAYO?? 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I've been doing nothing for years., PEOPLE CHANGE BUT MEMORIES DON'T :|, somebody slap her., BALLER BANDS FOR SALE, SUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 2010 CANT WAIT <3 :D, WHATS THE POINT OF HOMEWORK IF WE JUST SPENT A WHOLE DAY AT SCHOOL?, Guys Who Can Actually Stick To One Girl., HINDI PORKET MAY DSLR KA, PHOTOGRAPHER KA NA!, him:"why isn't she texting me?"...her:"when is he going to text me?", In 2010 i will do something i will never forget <3, I HATE WHEN MY PARENTS TRY TO READ TEXTS OVER MY SHOULDER., Music, by, I love days in class when all we do is chill and talk the whole time, Animal Society, MassKara Bacolod, Twister Fries, I Love Jesus, by, I HATE WAKING UP FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Power Mac Center, ((( I HATE SCHOOL ))), Nestle Crunch, Gummy Bears, Poetry, Jacob Black, SUMMER 2010 HURRY UP<3, AfterShock Productions™, Sleeping in Class, Laughing, Japanese Food, Doritos, Photography, Steak, Baskin 31 Robbins, Sushi, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, MTV Finland, Peace, Billabong, Halloween, The Twilight Saga, Adobe Photoshop, Discovery Channel, PILIPINAS BEACHES, Tiramisù, Taho!, Sbarro, Mc Flurry Oreo, National Geographic Channel, Vans, Chocolate Milk, Cookies, Donuts, Maltesers, Lay's, Water, Gossip Girl, Ralph Lauren, artwork, Pringles, I hate cigarette, Bacolod City, ZARA, Sinigang, Burritos, Milkshakes, Windows Live Messenger, Hersheys, Krispy Kream, Free People, Nutella, Ferrari, Chocolate, Watermelon, iPod, Dark Chocolate, Hoodies, Marshmallows, Tequila, Kit Kat, Ice Cream on Zeer, iTouch, Roxy, M&M'S® Fans, YouTube, Lisa Frank, Teen Vogue, Killer Bee 106.3 Bacolod, Yahoo Messenger, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Gossip Girl, HERSHEY'S,, ARCHIE COMICS, I really hate slow computers, Cheetos, pasta, Philippine Mangoes, I need a vacation!!!, Sleep!, Colorado Rockies, Blueberry CheeseCake, McDonald's, Havaianas, Gummy Worms, Staying Up Late, Calvin Klein, KFC Gravy, The Philippines, Chocolate Cake, Lacoste, National Geographic, Starbucks, Facebook, IL GELATO, Real Madrid C.F., Taco Bell, Frozen yogurt, Dairy Queen, Chuck Taylor Converse, adidas Originals, Ferrero Rocher, Cosmopolitan Magazine, NBA, Skittles, Pizza on Zeer, CNN, Unforgetable Conversations and Memories with your Seatmate, Nescafé , FC Barcelona, I'm Proud 2 say: I Don"t Smoke, Oreo, Liverpool FC, Coca-Cola, Boracay, New York City, Billabong, iPhone, The Planet Earth, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, My level of maturity changes depending on who im with., FitFlop Philippines, Coke-FREE Negros, Bacolod's Sweetest Couple, Damn! 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